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Our warehouse was recently broken into and the majority of our #IMAR products were stolen. The thieves have no idea what they were stealing, it was a target of opportunity and they just took whatever was closest to the door. They were in a hurry because they knew someone was watching them. The information I got from the police was – it was two men in a white truck, one had a wrist support on. They broke the door and started tossing whatever they could grab quickly and run away.

Unfortunately, what they grabbed quickly was over $3500 (Distributor cost) in IMAR goods, including: #IMARStrataglassProtectiveCleaner & Polish, #IMARYachtSoapConcentrate, #IMARYachtPolish, #IMARProfessionalGradeGlassCleaner, #IMARStamoidProtectiveCream, #IMARStamoidMarineVinylCleaner #IMARStrataglassCareBucket, #IMARMarinersBucket, #IMARCaptainsBucket and #IMARStamoidCareBucket along with some personal items.


There is a very limited market for these items and very few people carry the products in South Florida so if you are approached by someone trying to offload a bunch of product at a bargain, please notify us, (954) 241-2628. We are monitoring Craigslist and EBay.

I would appreciate a share so we can get the word out to catch these bastards. They hit 8 warehouses that I know of.

Strataglass Care and Maintenance Video w/ Randy Bouffler

Featuring: yours truly.

To combat a lot of mis-information out there and to help new owners of Strataglass and Crystal Clear 20/20 learn the proper way of caring for their new windows, Stratglass has commissioned the above video.  Contrary to claims by many cleaners, Strataglass only recommends the IMAR Yacht Detailing Products, specifically the IMAR Strataglass Care products (IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner and IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish) to care for and properly maintain their products.

Not to say the some of the other products will not work but IMAR is the ONLY approved and recommended treatment from the factory.  Use of anything else may result in voiding your factory warranty.