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Strataglass Factory Tour – A Peek Behind the Curtain

I took my original video, changed a few photos, timing, transitions, wording and removed a typo, re-encoded and re-posted for your enjoyment.  The video is 5 minutes long and shows you some of the behind-the-scenes activities at the Strataglass Factory.



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Big Announcement Coming Soon

How would you like to have a Strataglass Expert in your back pocket?

Priority members only phone number, three levels of discounted marine supplies, reward points, private sales….info coming soon.

Share this post if you know someone who could benefit from discounted marine supplies and a direct line to the “Strataglass Care and Maintenance Guru” 

Servers are down, websites are unavailable

Please pardon or absence, but our web hosting company,, has been experiencing issues for the past week and are, at this point, totally unavailable.

Until we can get the server issues resolved or access the server long enough to migrate our sites please call for assistance: (954) 720-8290 (866) 470-8829 (954) 462-0269 (954) 654-7804 (954) 241-2628


Sorry for the inconvenience,


Strataglass products finally added to the site

The Bees have been busy, adding Strataglass and Crystal Clear 20/20 vinyls to the site.  Finally, the world’s best pressed polyvinyl sheets are available on Bee Clean Products.

Strataglass-500x500 crystalclear-500x500

To add a little more buzz, we have added a wholesale level for qualifying companies to purchase Strataglass, Crystal Clear 20/20 and the full IMAR Yacht Detailing Line at huge savings (minimum quantities apply).  Email for details.

Introducing Bee Clean Marine

I have been operating a small ‘Green Certified” cleaners site for about two years now.  With Google’s recent mobile requirement (mobile ready sites will be a big ranking factor later this month), I moved the site to a new shopping cart.  Not only did the site move, I renamed it from Bee Clean Home to Bee Clean Marine and am in the process of adding a Marine Supplies line to it, Including the IMAR Yacht Detailing products and boat dock accessories.

One of the most exciting additions (for me, at least) is the naming of my mascots, the two bees in the header.  The nautical one was easy, Swab-Bee but I struggled with the home and office character.  Then it came to me, instead of Home-Bee, Homer-Bee, etc., it is my site, it should be Randy-Bee.  And so it is.  I will be incorporating the bees into my listings with personal advice under “Randy-Bee says” and “Swab-Bee says”.

The new site is a work in progress, there is a lot to add, but my goal is to make it an authoritative site, as well as an eCommerce site.  Not only will it have products for sale, but usage and proper care recommendations also.