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Orlando based Metal-Core band – Sound the Alarm.

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Evacuate The City Tour Update

As the young band continues their circuit with The Browning’s Finally Free tour, they are a mixture of excited, overwhelmed, and exhausted.


The Browning started the tour in Texas, our boys did not meet up with them until the third show, in Tampa.  From there they came to Propaganda in Lake Worth, FL where Laurie, Kerri and I, along with a few friends met up with them.  We enjoyed a great show with three local bands warming up the crowd but ETC really brought down the house.  The mosh pit went wild and t-shirts were flying off the Merch Table.  ETC really knows how to get the crowd excited.  I am sad to say, we had to leave before the headliner, The Browning, took the stage.  it was a week night and we all had to get up early for work in the morning.

As a proud parent of one of the band members, Kyle, I have to say, it is really cool to see random people come up to your son and ask for a photograph and/or autograph.  I also have to give props to the rest of the band, they are really wonderful guys and really look out for each other.  They’re going to need that camaraderie for the tour as the six of them will be spending a month together on the road in some pretty tight quarters (the tour van).


I love this pic of the van heading to their North Carolina gig, posted by Mark.  Mark said the NC show was their largest so far, the venue held 1000 and they packed them in.  The surprising thing about this show is the crowd not only knew their music, they were singing along and making requests.  Too cool.

The tour has kept the guys pretty much, non-stop.  The arrive, they unpack, they play, they pack and they hit the road for the next show and repeat.  Because of this, updates are few and far between as any “spare” time is taken up by taking a turn at the wheel or catching some sleep.  Grueling, to be sure but they wouldn’t trade the experience for anything right now.


Evacuate The City at Venue 578

I finally got a chance to download the videos from the July 10, 2015 Evacuate The City concert at Venue 578, Orlando.  They turned out pretty nice considering the video was taken on an iPhone.

The band was great in concert and drew quite the crowd.  As you can see, they are right at home on the stage.  This is a positive sign for their upcoming US Tour with The Browning in September and October.

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Evacuate The City Tour and YOU

The band is gearing up for their national tour,  This is not an easy thing to do for a young group, most of which are still in college.  The talent, youthful vigor and enthusiasm they have covered….the money, well, they could use your support.

from Eric Sky:

“As you all know, we’re gearing up to kick off our first full U.S. tour! Unfortunately with us being a relatively new band, money is a bit tight. We started up a donation campaign to raise money for this tour so we can get around and eat just a bit easier!

Any and all donations will be a huge help and much appreciated! Thank you all for continuing to support us all the way! We can’t wait to see you all on this tour.”

Their campaign goal is only $2000, probably just enough for gas.  Let’s see if we can blow that number away!

Thanks in advance,


Evacuate The City Tour Dates Released

Evacuate The City” recently announced they were invited on a U.S. Tour but the details were a bit sketchy, at best.  Now we know the who, what, where and when!

The boys will be touring with “The Browning” as they kick off their “Finally Free” national tour in September. They will not join the tour at the first stop, Austin Texas, but will catch up to “The Browning” at their second stop in Tampa.


Alex Stephenson has stated that they will be playing a lot of new material on the tour.  Judging from their original E.P. you know they have a challenge to be even better, a challenge this talented band is surely up to.

This is a huge opportunity for the young band, I know they are going to be great.

Great News from Evacuate the City, National Tour Announcement

From their Facebook page:

“Survivors! Who’s ready to see us go national!? We have a FULL U.S. tour kicking off next month!

We’ll be hitting almost EVERY major city on a month long tour across the U.S.!! Who’s excited!? We cannot wait to see all of you and hang out!!!”

Dates and locations have not been announced yet, stay tuned.

(Featured image by Evan Dell Photography)

Evacuate The City plays Vans Warped Tour

After winning a local band competition through months of online voting, Evacuate The City won an appearance on the Orlando leg of the tour.  They were only allowed enough time to perform 5 of their songs, but they made the most of it.  The crowd really got into it and they guys video taped the whole thing via GoPro cameras mounted on their instruments.  I can’t wait to see what they edit together.

Unfortunately, Laurie and I were unable to attend this concert, we would have stood out like two sore thumbs in that crowd, but we will be at the bands next appearance at Venue  578 on the 10th.