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Introducing Bee Clean Marine

I have been operating a small ‘Green Certified” cleaners site for about two years now.  With Google’s recent mobile requirement (mobile ready sites will be a big ranking factor later this month), I moved the site to a new shopping cart.  Not only did the site move, I renamed it from Bee Clean Home to Bee Clean Marine and am in the process of adding a Marine Supplies line to it, Including the IMAR Yacht Detailing products and boat dock accessories.

One of the most exciting additions (for me, at least) is the naming of my mascots, the two bees in the header.  The nautical one was easy, Swab-Bee but I struggled with the home and office character.  Then it came to me, instead of Home-Bee, Homer-Bee, etc., it is my site, it should be Randy-Bee.  And so it is.  I will be incorporating the bees into my listings with personal advice under “Randy-Bee says” and “Swab-Bee says”.

The new site is a work in progress, there is a lot to add, but my goal is to make it an authoritative site, as well as an eCommerce site.  Not only will it have products for sale, but usage and proper care recommendations also.


Your Ship’s Store – Three are now One

Scalise Marine has joined the ranks of YourShipStore.com.

Your Ship Store logo


With the recent merging of Rorys Marine Supply and now Scalise Marine, Your Ship’s Store is poised to become bigger and better than ever, providing the optimal shipping experience for our customers. With the one store concept, our updates and new items can be added in a third of the time it took us to update three sites and finding customer information / sales history will become much quicker.

We are excited to get back to basics, being our own competition online was fun while it lasted but it took away much of our focus to bring you, our customer, the attention you desired for the marine supplies you need.