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Our warehouse was recently broken into and the majority of our #IMAR products were stolen. The thieves have no idea what they were stealing, it was a target of opportunity and they just took whatever was closest to the door. They were in a hurry because they knew someone was watching them. The information I got from the police was – it was two men in a white truck, one had a wrist support on. They broke the door and started tossing whatever they could grab quickly and run away.

Unfortunately, what they grabbed quickly was over $3500 (Distributor cost) in IMAR goods, including: #IMARStrataglassProtectiveCleaner & Polish, #IMARYachtSoapConcentrate, #IMARYachtPolish, #IMARProfessionalGradeGlassCleaner, #IMARStamoidProtectiveCream, #IMARStamoidMarineVinylCleaner #IMARStrataglassCareBucket, #IMARMarinersBucket, #IMARCaptainsBucket and #IMARStamoidCareBucket along with some personal items.


There is a very limited market for these items and very few people carry the products in South Florida so if you are approached by someone trying to offload a bunch of product at a bargain, please notify us, (954) 241-2628. We are monitoring Craigslist and EBay.

I would appreciate a share so we can get the word out to catch these bastards. They hit 8 warehouses that I know of.