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Hangin’ at Strataglass

Is this cool, or what?  As much as I love spending time with my friends at Strataglass, now I get to spend even more time with them and make a little money, to boot. I will be contracting for a short while to help out as they progress through their new transformation.  What transformation, you ask….read on.

Strataglass was recently acquired by Herculite Products, Inc (press release here:  This move opens a new chapter in the already impressive Strataglass story as well as boost the Herculite Brand, a win-win in my book.

I am so lucky to spend time with the likes of Walter Johnson, III, Peter, Carla, Junior, Chad and the rest of the Strataglass crew (all great folks) and now I get to see more of an old acquaintance from my Rorys Marine / Scalise Marine days, Craig Zola.

I’ll still be providing excellent service to my Your Ship’s Store customers, I’m not replacing that role, just expanding my horizons to learn even more about Strataglass and Crystal Clear 20/20.

Don’t be surprised if you call and hear, “Good Morning, Strataglass.  This is Randy, how may I help you?”

Just for fun, Where Am I?

Where Am I
Never let it be said that Kerri and I do not follow directions.

I have been having a little fun on my social media pages:


with a little game I am calling “Where Am I?” where I post a photo and caption and wait for the right answer.  Some have been answered correctly, most not.  Try your luck, drop by any of the three above pages and render a guess.

Your Ship’s Store – Three are now One

Scalise Marine has joined the ranks of

Your Ship Store logo


With the recent merging of Rorys Marine Supply and now Scalise Marine, Your Ship’s Store is poised to become bigger and better than ever, providing the optimal shipping experience for our customers. With the one store concept, our updates and new items can be added in a third of the time it took us to update three sites and finding customer information / sales history will become much quicker.

We are excited to get back to basics, being our own competition online was fun while it lasted but it took away much of our focus to bring you, our customer, the attention you desired for the marine supplies you need.

We have merged Rorys Marine Supply with Your Ship’s Store


We have completed redirecting all of our Rorys Marine Supply  product pages to Your Ship’s Store.  The move will allow us to provide a better shopping experience for our customers.

As much fun as it was being our own competition online, the logistics of running 3 marine supply stores and keeping inventory / sales in the right books turned out to be overwhelming.

Rorys is still providing excellence in custom canvas and custom upholstery.  Call for an estimate.

Phadid Entertainment – Buyer Beware

I am not calling this a scam, just yet, just a VERY bad experience where we paid for a service that was never rendered and cannot get our money back.

Scalise Marine and Your Ship Store entered into a verbal contract with Phadid Entertainment and WOWFX3D to help our websites get more traffic / interaction.  The owner, Drac Gibson, seems to be a very knowledgeable guy and had a bevy of great ideas to freshen up the look of our sites and add a video overlay to them.  Great sales pitch, brilliant ideas…zero results.

Worse, our original meeting took place on April 17th, 2014 and after months of waiting; Drac blamed us for the delays.  Not once were we informed that we were the bottleneck, he just waited until we asked about progress to start pointing fingers and passing blame.  We again met on July 7th to rehash the details and get everything back on track.  As our shopping cart software works on a template system, we purchased a template for Drac and supplied him with the instructions for modifying it.  All seemed well but still no progress or communications from Drac, except to respond to our inquiries with excuses.  We have never received any part of the service we paid for.  Now Mr. Gibson is to the point where he no longer responds to our inquiries.

We cannot make contact with Drac and we are out just over $3000. My partner thinks Drac is a con artist, I am still in the mindset that he is just a terrible business person.

#PhadidEntertainment #WOWFX3D #DracGibson #RodneyGibson #BuyerBeware


Our warehouse was recently broken into and the majority of our #IMAR products were stolen. The thieves have no idea what they were stealing, it was a target of opportunity and they just took whatever was closest to the door. They were in a hurry because they knew someone was watching them. The information I got from the police was – it was two men in a white truck, one had a wrist support on. They broke the door and started tossing whatever they could grab quickly and run away.

Unfortunately, what they grabbed quickly was over $3500 (Distributor cost) in IMAR goods, including: #IMARStrataglassProtectiveCleaner & Polish, #IMARYachtSoapConcentrate, #IMARYachtPolish, #IMARProfessionalGradeGlassCleaner, #IMARStamoidProtectiveCream, #IMARStamoidMarineVinylCleaner #IMARStrataglassCareBucket, #IMARMarinersBucket, #IMARCaptainsBucket and #IMARStamoidCareBucket along with some personal items.


There is a very limited market for these items and very few people carry the products in South Florida so if you are approached by someone trying to offload a bunch of product at a bargain, please notify us, (954) 241-2628. We are monitoring Craigslist and EBay.

I would appreciate a share so we can get the word out to catch these bastards. They hit 8 warehouses that I know of.

See you in Minneapolis – IFAI Expo, Oct 13 – 16

Who: Randy Bouffler / Scalise Marine, Inc.
When: October 13-16, 2014
Where: Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN


It is that time of year again, time for the IFAI Expo.  This year’s event will be held in Minneapolis, MN and Randy will be in attendance, representing Scalise Marine and Strataglass.  Please stop by and say, “Hello”.

Strataglass has been working on a new and exiting product, actually introduced at the IFAI Expo in Orlando, last year, but now they are ready to take it Main Stream!  What is this product, you might ask?  It is a thinner version of their Crystal Clear 20/20 pressed vinyl sheet and targeted to the architectural community.   They named it CountryView.

CountryView is .020 mil thick and comes in the standard Strataglass size, 54″ x 110″ sheets (53.5″ x 109″ usable).  It is to be used in roll up sunscreens for homes and restaurant applications.

Also to be showcased at our booth, the new IMAR Clear Vinyl Clean and Protect for use on CountryView.  We are excited about these and will be glad to answer any questions.

Strataglass Care and Maintenance Video w/ Randy Bouffler

Featuring: yours truly.

To combat a lot of mis-information out there and to help new owners of Strataglass and Crystal Clear 20/20 learn the proper way of caring for their new windows, Stratglass has commissioned the above video.  Contrary to claims by many cleaners, Strataglass only recommends the IMAR Yacht Detailing Products, specifically the IMAR Strataglass Care products (IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner and IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish) to care for and properly maintain their products.

Not to say the some of the other products will not work but IMAR is the ONLY approved and recommended treatment from the factory.  Use of anything else may result in voiding your factory warranty.