Evacuate The City Tour and YOU

The band is gearing up for their national tour,  This is not an easy thing to do for a young group, most of which are still in college.  The talent, youthful vigor and enthusiasm they have covered….the money, well, they could use your support.

from Eric Sky:

“As you all know, we’re gearing up to kick off our first full U.S. tour! Unfortunately with us being a relatively new band, money is a bit tight. We started up a donation campaign to raise money for this tour so we can get around and eat just a bit easier!

Any and all donations will be a huge help and much appreciated! Thank you all for continuing to support us all the way! We can’t wait to see you all on this tour.”


Their campaign goal is only $2000, probably just enough for gas.  Let’s see if we can blow that number away!

Thanks in advance,


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